Compensation Philosophy
" Attract and retain the best qualified people in the industry "
Pay for performance

An employee's salary is determined by the sustained performance that the individual makes to the company, its customers, and its shareholders relative to expectations of the job and the contribution of others doing similar jobs. A salary level for a given employee reflects a consistent pattern of demonstrated performance over time.

Externally competitive
GCT believes in being well-positioned with total compensation, and we pay employees at competitive rates that place us among the leading companies in the country from which it recruits. Competitive data reflecting current and anticipated market conditions are the basis for calculating the range of appropriate salaries for each position in the company.
Internally equitable
GCT attempts to ensure the compensation practice is internally equitable same as being externally competitive. Internal compensation equity starts with employees who are clear on what is expected of them, and the goals by which their performance is measured are concrete, explicit and actionable as possible.
Open communication
GCT's compensation system is open. We encourage employees to understand the compensation process. Managers should help their employees understand this process.
Total value compensation
To be well-positioned and competitive rates to our competitors in the market, total value compensation concepts is used to be its benchmarking tool which includes both cash compensation/benefits program and granting stock options whose values will be generated in near future.

Recruiting Philosophy
" Hire the high caliber individuals
to fill positions at ALL levels of the organization "
Recruit, not merely hire

GCT's philosophy is that we aggressively RECRUIT people, we do not merely hire. Recruiting is an ongoing process for GCT managers. Our effective managers have been consistently searching for great candidates, YOU.

Great and highly qualified candidates
In order for GCT to achieve it's corporate vision through competitive advantage, GCT put emphasis on an ongoing efforts to seek and identify highly skilled and motivated individuals to fill the positions at ALL levels of the organization.
Focus on new college graduates
To build a new kind of company, one that creates pervasive semiconductors that unleash the power of access to information. We can't achieve this vision without continually expending the talent base and that's where GCT college program comes into play.
Internal transfer
With limited exceptions, all open positions at GCT are posted on the job posting DB for a minimum of five days, giving interested employees an opportunity to apply for these positions.
Rehire policy
All GCT rehire policies are in effect for 1 year following termination. Applications received from former employees will be processed by the same procedures and standards that apply to all direct applications.

Employee Training/Education
" We GCT employees, pay never-ending attention to improve
our knowledge and skills "
To lead in creating values for customers, the Company
put its every possible effort to improve employee's

New employee orientation
Management development/training
Employee development/training
Self-development is one of the key evaluation items
Employee development using "GCTLEARN"

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