Company Founder

Dr. K.H. Lee, founder and developer of GCT's Direct Conversion CMOS RF technology, serves as the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of GCT Semiconductor. In 1998, Dr. Lee planted the first seed of GCT Semiconductor with the rudimentary development of a new version of the direct conversion architecture for RF transmission and reception functionality. The idea was to create an architecture that could be tailored to suit the demands of a variety of wireless applications while still taking advantage of the manufacturing yields, high level of integration and cost benefits of CMOS manufacturing processes. As Dr. Lee continued refining this innovative architecture, he began this new venture targeted at using this design to serve the wireless device market. Dr. Lee and his friend and colleague, K.S. Lee, started Global Communications Technology, Inc.

Prior to founding GCT Semiconductor, Dr. Lee worked at Silicon Image where he created and patented the architecture behind Silicon Image's PanelLink flat panel display technology, which became a worldwide standard.

Sep. 2003 Volume shipments of Wireless LAN 802.11b RF transceivers
July 2003 Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification
June 2003 Bluetooth audio streaming design wins from wireless speaker maker, LG Electronics. Co-developed and launched industry-first Bluetooth VoIP phone with NetCODEC, driving mass shipment in Japanese market
Nov. 2002 Successfully completed the closing of $38 million Series C equity round, bringing the total amount of equity financing raised since the company's inception in 1998 to more than $54 million. The round was led by Pequot Ventures, and other participants included National Semiconductor Corporation, Pericom Semiconductor Corporation, UOB Venture Management, 3V SourceOne Ventures, Mizuho Capital, and ITX International Equity.
Aug. 2002 Issued additional 6 U.S. patents for direct conversion.
Mar.-Nov. 2001 Demonstrated the Bluetooth two-chip (piconet and LAN access point) solutions and CDMA RF PLL at CeBit, Bluetooth Congress, and COMDEX. Garnered three US patents for direct conversion, published a technical paper on 2.4 GHz CMOS direct conversion, and completed customer samples of IS-95C and GSM PLL.
Apr. 2001 Received qualification of DSP embedded baseband processor (and its associated software stack) for audio streaming. Product solution targets MP3 players, speakers, and stereo headsets markets.
Feb. 2001 GCT's and world's first commercial CMOS Direct Conversion RF IC for Bluetooth certified by Bluetooth SIG.
Apr. 2000 Closed additional funding rounds, with subsequent cash infusions totaling more than $14 million led by founding venture investor, Parakletos @ Ventures.
Oct. 1999 Secured first round funding ($1.4 million).
July 1998 Submitted first patent to the U.S. Patent Office, entitled "VCO-mixer structure."
June 1998 Global Communications Technology, Inc. established (GCT Semiconductor's former name).
Technology - Direct Conversion Architecture

GCT uses its patented direct conversion architecture, developed by Dr. K.H. Lee, President & CEO, to develop wireless communications ICs that offer a variety of benefits for wireless devices. GCT's direct conversion architecture can be formatted to support multimode applications, which will enable devices to communicate via two or more of the many evolving communication standards in the marketplace.

GCT's version of the direct conversion architecture successfully combines the high performance of a super-heterodyne structure into a smaller die size with the associated cost and integration advantages of fabrication using standard CMOS processes. This proprietary technology can be applied to support the demands of many wireless communication standards, including GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, and IEEE 802.11b/g.

GCT successfully co-developed its RF CMOS process with its foundry partner, UMC, and adopted it into GCT's RF IC products. RF CMOS is a version of normal mixed-mode CMOS that includes on-chip inductors and varactors. It uniquely satisfies market demands for low cost, low power, highly integrated semiconductor products that support wireless applications.

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