September 15, 2003 <MobileMag>
GCT Announces Industry-First Bluetooth VOIP Solution
September 10, 2003 <Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine>
GCT Semiconductor Shipping WLAN 802.11b Broadband Wireless Transceiver
September 9, 2003 <802.11g News>
GCT Semiconductor Shipping WLAN 802.11g Transceiver
July 22, 2003 <EE Times>
Taiwan, South Korean wireless IC firms preparing silicon
July 21, 2003 <EE Times>
Price battle looms as Asia firms ready low-cost WLAN ICs
May 21, 2003 <Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal>
GCT Semiconductor Names CFO
May 2003 <AFDigitale - Italy>
Sistema Home Theater LG Wireless Bluetooth
Jan.30, 2003 <The Electronic Times - Korea>
GCT Semiconductor announced two executive appointments
Jan.28, 2003 <Mercury News>
Valley start-ups see boost
Dec.03, 2002 <Electronic News>
GCT Semi Sees Support from National, Pericom
Dec.3, 2002 <Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal>
GCT Semiconductor raises $38M
Dec.03, 2002 <Silicon Strategies>
National, Pericom invest in RF chip maker
Dec.03, 2002 <VC Buzz>
Wireless Device Company GCT Semiconductor Gets $38 Million
July 19, 2002 <Electronic News>
Strategic Partnership Targets Bluetooth Market
July 16, 2002 <Portable Design>
Partners integrate Bluetooth software stack with ICs for audio/video applications
June 12, 2002 <Electronic Business Online>
Bluetooth Streams For Your Head
Feb. 21, 2002 <EETimes>
RF integrates with DSP in 4G apps
Feb. 6, 2002 <Portable Design>
Radio and baseband processor granted Bluetooth qualification
November 12. 2001 <Portable Design>
Wireless streaming audio solution demos
November 1. 2001 <Communication Systems Design>
Direct Conversion Receivers: A Buyer's Guide
July 16, 2001 <EETimes, Korea>
"Technology-Oriented" GCT Semiconductor Unveils Bluetooth Piconet Demo"
June 15, 2001 <Electronic Engineering Times>
GCT Presents Advanced Communication Technologies in SOVC
June 7, 2001 <Digital Times>
GCT Semiconductor Exhibits Advanced Technology in Overseas Events
April 16, 2001 <Naeway Economic Newspaper>
Key Bluetooth Chip Parts Localized
April 12, 2001 <IT Daily>
GCT Semicondutor Develops Bluetooth Chips on RFCMOS Process
Dec.01, 2000 <ECN>
GCT Develops Bluetooth Chip
Nov. 1, 2000 <EETimes>
Startup aims first chip at Bluetooth wireless communication
Oct.25, 2000 <EBN>
Bluetooth picks up more entries
Oct 25, 2000 <Digital Times>
Putting Prime Emphasis on Wireless Telecommunication Technologies Like IMT-2000 WLL
Oct. 18, 2000 <Electronic News Online >
GCT launches Bluetooth RFIC
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