"Technology-Oriented" GCT Semiconductor Unveils Bluetooth Piconet Demo"

July 16, 2001 EETimes, Korea - GCT Semiconductor Inc. recently

participated in the "Bluetooth Congress 2001" tradeshow held in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and exhibited its Bluetooth solutions, which are based upon its patented CMOS direct conversion architecture. Since it was formed in Silicon Valley in 1998, the company has been highly acknowledged for its innovative design prowess in the wireless telecommunications market. Its products have included solutions to support the Bluetooth, wireless LAN, WCDMA and 802.11b/g standards.

At the tradeshow, GCT Semiconductor demonstrated a piconet using devices that are based upon its IC's. By forming a temporary personal area network (piconet), the company showed that various devices can communicate with each other via the Bluetooth standard.

For this demonstration, the company used 3 notebook computers and connected them to its development kit, which includes its RF chip (GDM1100), baseband chip (GDM1101b) and in-house developed protocol stack software. The notebook computers were linked to the Bluetooth piconet and then the "Blue Ball" software began to operate synchronously: a ball appeared on the screen and bounced from one monitor to another. By showing the participants a virtual ball moving across the monitors, piconet clearly demonstrated how data can be transferred, jointly owned and linked.

"Employing GCT's core DSP and multimedia technologies, we can provide high-performance system-on-chip solutions at a reasonable price," announces Lee Kyung-ho, the firm's CTO.
Lee also expressed his confidence that GCT would secure firm ground on the global wireless telecommunications market with other innovations very similar to these.

Meanwhile, on June 14, GCT took part in the international VLSI Society's 2001 SOVC (Symposium on VLSI Circuit) held in Kyoto, Japan. There, it formally announced a series of theses on RF chip set design technologies, including WCDMA, Bluetooth and CDMA RF PLL.
"The fact that the GCT theses were adopted at a meeting attended by industry heavyweights such as IBM, Intel and NTT Docomo, as well as famous scientists, demonstrates how the public is embracing our CMOS direct conversion RF technology," says GCT president Lee Ki-Sub. "By utilizing CMOS direct conversion technology, GCT is focused on providing various multi-mode RF front-end solutions that support many communication standards such as Bluetooth, 802.11b RF products, GPRS and dual mode RF of WCDMA."

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