Key Bluetooth Chip Parts Localized

April 16, 20 Naeway Economic Newspaper - Core parts of Bluetooth chips, widely used for short-distance wireless telecommunications,

have been localized by GCT Semiconductor, a local (Korean) company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley in the US. Through a technological alliance with UMC in Taiwan, the world's 2nd largest semiconductor foundry, GCT became only the third company in the world to develop Bluetooth chips based upon CMOS processes.
Through continuous testing and characterization work over the last 2 years, GCT has succeeded in developing Bluetooth chips using the 0.25зн RF CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) process of UMC, according to a company spokesman.
Characterized by low production costs and power consumption, RF CMOS processing adds the benefits of digital and analog device processing, unlike the analog device processing of ordinary CMOS techniques.
Before, RF CMOS process could not be widely used, due to its complexity and instability. But GCT succeeded in developing the new technology through close technological ties with UMC and by conducting numerous tests.
"By forming our technological alliance with UMC, we achieved the optimal combination of design and process technologies. This will allow us to strengthen our design leadership in advanced LAN markets. We will adopt this process not only for Bluetooth but also for CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) telecommunications systems," says president Lee Ki-Sub.

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