Putting Prime Emphasis on Wireless Telecommunication Technologies Like IMT-2000 WLL

Oct 25, 2000 Digital Times -"Taking advantage of the

semiconductor experience accumulated while operating Silicon Image Co., I intend to make GCT Semiconductor a world-class company in this field."
Lee Ki-sub maintains that the highest productivity in the world can be achieved by grafting the Korean people's unique passion to the American venture system. The president of Global Communication Technology (GCT) Semiconductor Inc. recently entered the limelight by unveiling Bluetooth chips made of a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processes with RF and modem functions.
After leaving one of Korea's big conglomerates, Lee helped establish Silicon Image in the US in 1995. In 1998, he inaugurated GCT, a telecommunications semiconductor company. He was joined in the enterprise by Dr. Lee Kyung-ho, who had led the development of 'Panel Link' technology at Silicon Image, which became the global standard in digital interfaces between FPD monitors and mainframe PCs. GCT's engineers are mostly graduates of Seoul National University's graduate engineering school, so it is clear that the company has world-class technological design power.
"Our company is armed with specialized manpower in 3 fields¡ªanalog, digital and communication. As a result, we have unrivaled competitiveness in our major business segment (wireless telecommunications, including Bluetooth and IMT-2000 WLL). At SOVC 2000 (IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuit 2000) in Hawaii last June, we announced RF-CMOS technology for direct conversion, which generated an intense amount of attention worldwide. Based on this achievement, we are now collaborating with prestigious multinationals to develop new products," Lee boasts.
Full-fledged efforts to explore foreign markets will be made from early next year, when the firm's on-going joint-development projects will be completed.

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