GCT Launches Bluetooth RFIC

Oct 18, 2000 Electronic News - Wireless chip company Global Communication Technology Inc. (GCT) today officially launched

an IC specifically designed for Bluetooth applications. The chip is based on GCT's direct conversion RF design and is intended to provide OEMs with a viable RF CMOS platform.

A release by GCT integrates the RF function and the modem capabilities on one CMOS chip, named the GDM1100. The radio portion of the chip is the result of GCT's proprietary architecture that uses a direct conversion scheme that is designed to provide channel selectivity.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based GCT claims the GDM1100 is also capable of frequency hopping around 2.4GHz and is capable of delivering data rates of 1Mbit per second. The antenna sensitivity allows the chip to transmit to ranges of 30 feet. The company also claims the chip has low power consumption of 2.7V and a 60dB receiver dynamic range. Industry analysts estimate that the Bluetooth market will grow to $3 billion by 2005.

Because Bluetooth technology eliminates the need to wire devices, GCT sees tremendous growth opportunity for its RF-based Bluetooth products that can be used in wireless telephones, PCs, consumer electronics, home networks, "smart appliances" and other wireless environments, such as personal area networks (PANs) and more traditional local area networks (LANs).

Despite its small footprint, the GDM1100 integrates onto one CMOS chip both RF front-end and modem capabilities, the company said. The radio IC portion employs a direct conversion scheme, which makes for "unparalleled" channel selectivity, the company claims.

"With more advanced chip designs on the horizon, launching the GDM1100 Bluetooth solution was a relatively easy way for GCT to quickly grab and begin establishing long-term OEM customers," said K.S. Lee, CEO of GTC, in a statement.

About GCT Semiconductor, Inc.

GCT Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets innovative integrated circuit solutions for the wireless communications industry. The company's patented direct conversion architecture, which is the basis for GCT's radio frequency (RF) core, can efficiently support multimode applications and be fabricated on standard CMOS processes. Its initial products are PLL's, 2 chip Bluetooth chipsets, a 1 chip Bluetooth IC, and a future 802.11b/g radio.

The company headquarters are located at 2121 Ringwood Ave, San Jose, CA 95131.

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