Santa Clara, CA - Oct 18, 1999 - Global Communication Technology, Inc. (GCT) today finalized its 1st round funding with

great success. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California with an R&D subsidiary in Seoul, Korea, GCT has been developing RF IC's and cable modem IC's with its patented direct conversion architecture.

Mr. K.S. Lee, CEO and President of GCT, said, "The wireless market is growing at unimaginable speeds, putting great demand on companies to deliver more advanced and specialized technologies and products. GCT has been exploring the market with its unique technology which complement the most economical CMOS process technology around. As a result, our company has gained increasing endorsements from the industry and investors alike."

GCT will use the net proceeds of this first round of funding mostly for R&D investment and human resource purposes -- to bolster its single CMOS RF IC, broaden its product lines as well as to expand its workforce.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, GCT is a leading semiconductor developer, manufacturer and supplier of its high performance single RF IC using its patented direct conversion architecture with the most economical CMOS process technology around. For more information on GCT and our direct conversion technology, please visit us at

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