Santa Clara, CA - Oct 11, 1999 - Global Communication Technology, Inc. (GCT) today announced that it succeeded in

implementing direct conversion architecture based RF IC, GRF4101, for WLL handsets. GRF4101 is a true direct convertsion CMOS RF receiver, which will be paired with a RF transmitter, GRF4100, later this year.

GRF4101 is a CMOS monolithic integrated circuit specially designed for wideband direct sequence CDMA system operating in the 2.370GHz to 2.400GHz band. This chip includes a fully integrated direct conversion receiver composed of a LNA, a quadrature demodulator, an on-chip Automatic Gain Control, a variable gain amplifier, a DC-offset canceling servo loop, a channel selection baseband filter, and a programmable on-chip PLL with VCO.

Dr. Kyeongho Lee, Vice President of Engineering, said, "GRF is our core RF technology, so-called direct conversion architecture and GRF4101 is the first chip which is implemented with our core technology. GRF4101 integrates all components necessary for an RF receiver just using standard CMOS technology. External SAW filters, VCO or loop filters are not required for GRF4101. Today we are very proud of presenting the true CMOS Direct Conversion RF receiver. Soon the paired RF Tx will be provided and the true CMOS RF single chip in the next year. We'll extend to apply our technology to other applications in IMT-2000, PCS and Bluetooth."

This chip will be used starting next year in WLL handsets of Korean WLL manufacturers who are under field trial and service with Korea Telecom and Hanaro Telecom locally.

Headquarted in Santa Clara, CA, GCT is the leading semiconductor developer, manufacturer and supplier of the high performance single RF IC using its patented direct conversion architecture with the most economical CMOS process technology. GCT has a R&D subsidiary in Seoul, Korea. For more information on GCT, WLL and direct conversion technology, please visit us at

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