Santa Clara, CA - March 15, 1999 - Global Communication Technology, Inc. (GCT) announced that it has set up its R&D

subsidiary in Seoul, Korea named Advanced Core Tech, Inc. (ACT). ACT is strategically located for easy access to fabrication facilities in the Asian region as well as to a rich human resource pool of qualified engineers in the field of analog, digital signal processing, radio frequency, semiconductor, and handset technologies. GCT appointed Mr. Sundance Joe, the former Country Manager of Silicon Graphics Inc. Korea, as General Manager and Mr. J.D. Yoon as Vice General Manager of ACT.

Mr. Joe said, "The world wireless communications market is currently undergoing explosive growth thanks to factors such as deregulation, convergent technologies and the ITU 3G project. We at ACT stand ready to ride this market momentum with our core competencies. ACT is staffed with a team of world-class electrical engineers from Seoul National University, the no. 1 ranked university in Korea, and enjoys a competitive advantage thanks to its proprietary technologies ranging from its direct conversion architecture to its DSP core. We'll be focusing first on developing a single CMOS RFIC using our direct conversion architecture and on producing cable modem IC's. We will then extend our technological know-how to various other emerging industry standards such as Bluetooth, HomeRF, IEEE802.11, IMT-2000, and IEEE1394."

ACT will be a remote R&D facility centered in the dynamic Korean, Chinese and Japanese wireless market to offer the highest level of engineering power to valued customers and partners in that region.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, GCT is a leading semiconductor developer, manufacturer and supplier of its high performance single RF IC using its patented direct conversion architecture with the most economical CMOS process technology around. For more information on GCT and our direct conversion technology, please visit us at http://www.gctsemi.com.

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