Santa Clara, CA - October 11, 2000 - Global Communication Technology, Inc., (GCT) a leading developer of RF CMOS chips

for a wide range of wireless communications applications, today announced the availability of the one chip Bluetooth GDM1100. Based in Silicon Valley, the most revered region in the U.S. for technology development, this Korean venture is second to CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) to have developed a Bluetooth single chip solution worldwide, using direct conversion CMOS technology. (GCT Inc., (CEO Ki Sub Lee) http://www.gctsemi.com])

So far many of Korean domestic companies have been competitive in efforts to dominate market shares in the Bluetooth market, which has been forecast to be $3 billion in 2005. However, they have yet to develop a core chip and only have been developing modules or applications.

The GDM1100 consists of an RF and a modem and is a 144 pin-BGA (8mm x 8mm) package type. The radio is based on Global Communication Technology's proprietary radio architecture employing a direct conversion scheme, which offers superior channel selectivity. Compared to other Bluetooth products' distance ranges, Global Communication Technology's GDM1100 has excelled, with more than a 10 m distance range.

"With the one chip GDM1100, Global Communication Technology, Inc. provides the greatest degree of marketability for both the domestic and international Bluetooth market and technical opportunities for global application companies," said K.S. Lee, CEO of Global Communication Technology, Inc.

Global Communication Technology, Inc. plans to commercialize GDM1100 and furthermore, develop the GDM1101 embedded processor for Bluetooth protocols. The GDM1102 also includes a multimedia function.

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Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, GCT is a leading semiconductor developer, manufacturer and supplier of its high performance single RFIC using its patented direct conversion architecture with the most economical CMOS process technology around. For more information on GCT and our direct conversion technology, please visit us at http://www.gctsemi.com.

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