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Air2U, a customer-oriented OEM/ODM manufacturer in Taiwan's high technology hub - Hsin-Chu Science-based Industry Park, designs and markets a complete array of wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) products that are increasingly essential for every mobile user and every modern family. With market focus on personal wireless multimedia communications, the company has built a flexible Bluetooth wireless stereo platform to fulfill a variety of demands from market and customers. For more information, please send an e-mail to or visit
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Air2U's Bluetooth stereo audio series is suitable for personal or home entertainment and provides a full array of wireless stereo solutions. Including stereo headphone, audio transmitter /receiver for audio equipment or multimedia computer applications, the stereo audio series featuring the GCT audio chipset and our superior software and RF technology, presents the very best in wireless quality sound for multimedia users.

IJAK, based in San Jose, California, has revolutionized the wireless industry by developing a Bluetooth(tm) Stereo Digital Streaming Solution that truly makes Bluetooth(tm) ubiquitous to all platforms of business, personal, and entertainment devices. IJAK's time-to-market is to deliver product to their partners in 2003, significantly before other Fortune 500(tm) Companies that are currently developing Stereo technology products. In addition to rapid time-to-market, IJAK's Digital Stereo Streaming Solution is less expensive, faster, and has greatly functionality than these other products to be introduced in 2004.

IJAK's wireless development and technology has transformed the entire wireless industry, making pervasive technology the standard, no matter what device you seek connectivity - in business, personal, and entertainment environments. For more information, please visit

NetCODEC Co., Ltd. is a leading provider that manufactures electronic equipments and Internet application software for telecommunication and digital multimedia applications. In addition, the company provides a wide range of IP telephony solutions, including a high performance Bluetooth VoIP phone.
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Progressive Devices, a turnkey product developer, offers GCT based audio products. Together for nearly 7 years, PD has developed multiple products in the service of tier 1 OEMs. PD is known for completing the product development cycle on schedule and within budget. Hundreds of millions of dollars in manufactured and shipped products are a result of the talents at PD.

Today PD has prepared world-class production ready designs for your rapid entry into the Wireless Audio Market. Their experience includes the development of core Bluetooth stacks and stack components, embedded applications, vertical market solutions and hardware integration. PD has the expertise required to develop your custom solution. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company's multi-lingual staff (Mandarin, Korean, & English) works closely with Asia to provide the entire spectrum of product development and manufacturing services.

Progressive Device's GCT based Bluetooth Audio Designs include: BT Stereo Headphone, BT Stereo Transmitter/Receiver for home audio equipment or multimedia computer applications and a BT Hands Free Speakerphone for home, office or car. The GCT stereo module developed by PD is capable of fulfilling a broad spectrum of audio applications. For more information and to find out about their much-anticipated progressive products visit PD at

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