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Open Interface North America, Inc. is an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG and has a complete qualified Bluetooth v1.1 protocol stack suite and software development tools for OEMs and Bluetooth application developers. The BLUEmagic¢â 3.0 embedded Bluetooth protocol stack is among the most resource-efficient, fully configurable protocol stacks available on the market. Open Interface was one of the first companies to develop and introduce Bluetooth wireless technology to the Japanese market and was the first company to have its Bluetooth software integrated and shipped by a PC OEM in a standard product.

The BLUEmagic 3.0 embedded Bluetooth protocol stack is a thorough implementation of a fully-configurable, resource-efficient protocol stack targeted at embedded Bluetooth devices and applications. The BLUEmagic 3.0 protocol stack is scalable, modular, and portable, with an innovative, high-performance, compact architecture targeting embedded devices.

The BLUEmagic 3.0 embedded Bluetooth software development kit (SDK) is easy to learn and easy to use, giving full access to all configurable aspects of the BLUEmagic 3.0 protocol stack and enabling the production of robust application software.

Open Interface North America, Inc.
506 Second Ave., Suite 420
Seattle, WA 98104
Telephone: 206.315.5570

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