2.4GHz Radio Transceiver

As part of the GCT Bluetooth product family, the GDM1002 is a short-range radio transceiver for Bluetooth links operating at 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz. When combined with the GDM1202 audio streaming SoC and external flash memory, it provides a fully-compliant Bluetooth system for data and voice communications.

The device integrates a 2.4-GHz radio transceiver which incorporates all of the required receive and transmit components, including PLL, VCO, LNA, up/down converter, channel select filters, and digital GFSK modem.

The GDM1002 is based on GCT's proprietary direct-conversion radio architecture, which offers superior channel selectivity. Implemented in CMOS technology, it provides a low-cost, integrated RF solution for Bluetooth applications.


Class 2 and 3 (up to 10 meter range) compliant with 
  Bluetooth Specification 1.2
Fully integrated single-chip transceiver with on-chip PLL,
  VCO, LNA, up/down converter, and digital GFSK modem
Up to -90dBm receiver sensitivity
Support dual reference clock frequency: 13/16MHz

Ordering Information
Device Package Order Number
Type Size Shipment Method
GDM1002 QFN 40 6 x 6 x 0.9mm 2000 pcs/Tape and reel GDM1002_FB25AXT
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