Single Chip Audio Streaming Processor

As part of the GCT Bluetooth product family, the GDM1202 system on chip (SoC) is a digital signal processor (DSP) with an integrated baseband controller and digital audio decoder. It enables Bluetooth™ functionality for high data rate applications as well as audio applications such as MP3 or SBC. When combined with the GDM1002 2.4-GHz transceiver and external flash memory, it provides a fully-compliant Bluetooth system for data and voice communications.

The GDM1202 features BlueRF™ RXMODE2/3, BlueQ™ radio interface, Bluetooth baseband and bit processor, a GCT proprietary 32-bit hybrid RISC/DSP embedded processor with 48-bit resolution, and USB/UART/PCM/DAC/I2S/SPDIF standard interfaces.

The on-chip 32-bit hybrid RISC/DSP embedded processor supports full rate Bluetooth data communications and full rate digital audio decoding. It includes enough embedded SRAM (up to 128 kB) to support several applications without external memory, resulting in a cost-effective, low-power solution. When used with GCT's optimized Bluetooth™ baseband products, embedded protocol stacks, and audio decoder firmware, it provides a complete, cost-effective, hostless embedded solution for applications such as portable MP3 decoders and high-quality wireless speaker systems and headsets.


Compliant to Bluetooth Specification 1.2
High speed UART, USB 1.1 interface with both device
  and host functions, up to four channels 8KHz PCM/CVSD
  codec, 16/18/20/24-bit I2S audio input/output and SPDIF
  input/output interface
Integrated 128MHz GCT hybrid RISC and DSP PiCOII
  embedded processor with 24-bit multiplication and 48-bit
  accumulation and 128KByte on-chip SRAM, enough to
  support several digital audio and speech codecs such as
  MP3, AC3, and WMA
0.18um CMOS technology
  • Multimedia USB Dongles, including

  •     Standard USB Bluetooth Interface
        USB Audio (using Audio data compression scheme with SBC Codec)
        USB storage device functions (GDM1202 features integrated NAND
        Flash controller)
  • Stereo wireless speaker
  • Portable MP3 players (WMA decoder, MP3 decoder)
  • Portable MP3 CD Players (WMA/MP3 decoder, SBC Codec)
  • VoIP phones( CTP Profile, H.323, ACL link )
  • Handsfree boxes ( echo cancellation)
  • Wireless stereo headset
  • Ordering Information
    Device Package Order Number
    Type Size Shipment Method
    GDM1202 fpBGA 144 10 x 10 x 1.4mm 184 pcs/Tray GDM1202ABC24BX
    LQFP 144 20 x 20 x 1.4mm 60 pcs/Tray GDM1202AQD24BX
    For more details :
    Product Information
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  • Product Brochure - Bluetooth Family


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