System Solution
GCT provides complete development platforms for implementing bluetooth software and hardware applications along with silicon solutions, which are also supported by GCT. These platforms are designed for professional developers targeting both host software and on-chip embedded applications.
Evaluation Board
The GCT bluetooth evaluation board kit( EBK) is a system level kit
  made by GCT in order for developers to easily design and
  implement their own bluetooth applications with GCT bluetooth

EBK has an optimal development environment that allows for the
  use of a PC with a JTAG interface and RS232 interface to download
  firmware and debug software and hardware.

A modular design scheme was applied to the EBK, which assists
  developers to easily evaluate different Bluetooth ICs. (RF only, RF
  and baseband) as well as perform low cost upgrades of system
  software on the evaluation board.

GCT Bluetooth Evaluation Board Kit (EBK)


Key features

Supports all requisite feature for implementing bluetooth
  functionality incorporating the GDM1202(GCT bluetooth
  baseband ICs), GDM100X(GCT Bluetooth RF ICs) chipsets.
Provides modular structure for developers to enhance
Supports class2/3(0dBm) and class 1(20dBm optional with
  external power amplifier)
Supports USB 1.1 specification (host/device), UART interface
Supports MMC/SD, SmartMedia(NAND Flash) card interface
  and each file system.
Provides stereo high quality audio CODEC including standard
  audio of bluetooth.

GCT Core Development Platform

GCT provides an integrated development platform that enables users to access GCT's core, thus accelerating implementation of customized applications along with GCT's embedded stacks.

VSDT : Vincent Software Development Tools

VSDT is integrated software development tool-set for embedded users who wish to develop their own embedded software running directly on GCT bluetooth chipset. GCT ensures this "true application embedded" development by providing the followings;

Executables for firmware development including
Vincent-gcc : c compiler
Vincent-g++: C++ compiler
Vincent-as : assembler
Vincent-ld : linker
Vincent-ar : library archiver
Vincent-sim : instruction-set simulator(ISS) with assemble level debugger
Vincent-gdb : source level devbugger

Set of libraries for debugging with print function


V6(GCT proprietary embedded processor core) executable for
  program development.
RTOS : VPOS or eCos with TCP/IP network suites
Embedded stacks, profiles, application HCI, GXHCI(GCT Extendded
  HCI) firmware download/comfiguration

GCoH : GCT Core Handler

GCoH(GCT Core Handler) acts as GUI based communicator, providing both source and assembly level debugger, with excellent firmware-download and troubleshooting capabilities


Standard JTAG interface.
Download binary files to or upload it from flash memory or SRAM.
Diagnostic operation of both evaluation board and GCT bluetooth
Able to check GDM1202 core status in real time for real-time
Able to remote debug GDM1202 binary file through GDM protocol

GCTBluetooth stack on Core

GCT provides embedded stacks and profiles running on various RTOSs such as VPOS or eCos, all of which are based on GVOS, GCT Virtual OS. More over, GCT supports third party bluetooth software stack like BlueMagic 3.0 of Open Interface Co. BlueMagic 3.0 covers all the feature of Bluetooth standard protocol stack and profiles and all the software- requirements for applications in market.

GXHCI : GCT Extended Host Controller Interface for Bluetooth

PC based development platform

GCT provides development platform that facilitates implementation of bluetooth applications on the PC platform, in addition to VSDT. Users are not restricted to only certain host environments since one common OS architecture such as GVOS can be applied to the development of all possible bluetooth applications using GCT bluetooth solutions that consist of the following.


BlueOne is a complete developemtn tool not only for evaluation but also development of both host side and embedded target applications featuring several modes



- HCI & GXHCI packet generator and analyzer
- Macro executions of HCI commands by user script
- Data transfer test : BER measure ment, file transfer
- LM/BB/RF emulator combined with picoNet server on TCP/IP
  simulating multiple connections for upper stack development.

picoNet server


BlueAudio is evaluation program for AUDIO streaming. It includes song management and play control with GCT bluetooth evaluation board kit(EBK)



BlueDisk is evaluation program for portable MP3 player. Which acts as station program running on PC to control storages like memory card or NAND flash memory in EBK.



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