1. Which supply voltages are required to make bluetooth
    application with GCT solution

GDM1202(Bluetooth baseband chip) requires 2 supply voltages, 1.8V(Core), 3.3V(or 3.0V for I/O)
GDM1002(Bluetooth RF chip) requires 2 supply voltages, 2.7V, 3.3V(or 3.0V for I/O).
Totally, 3 supply voltages are required, 1.8V, 2.7V, 3.3V(or 3.0V for I/O).

2. Should we use external chipset including host or DSP for stereo audio streaming?

No, GDM1202 integrates 24bit DSP with high performance. It can decode MP3/WMA audio file without assistance of external chipset like host or DSP. GCT provides customers with audio CODEC like MP3/WMA decoder, SBC CODEC, G.723.1. which is said to be essential specification of multimedia audio application.

3. What is a different feature in GDM1202 comparing with other bluetooth baseband solution?

General bluetooth solution is divided into 2 categories. One is Standard Bluetooth Link Application, the other is Embedded Bluetooth Application. Bluetooth baseband used in standard bluetooth link application is handled by general host processor in the system. For example, mobile phone, PDA, PC. In case of embedded bluetooth application, it requires embedded processor.

Figure 1. General bluetooth approach

GDM1202 has high performance accommodating bluetooth baseband function as well as embedded processor function. As far as stereo audio solution concerned, integrated DSP supports audio CODEC like MP3/WMA decoder, SBC CODEC, G.723.1. If customers who use currently available bluetooth solution want to develop bluetooth application with stereo function, they should use external audio CODEC or DSP. GDM1202 relax such a burden put on engineers¡¯ shoulder. In addition to that, Low power, low cost, small form factor are also different feature.

Figure 2. GCT solution

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