802.11b/g RF Transceiver

Manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, the GRF5103 is a highly-integrated radio transceiver designed to cost-effectively meet the stringent requirements of WLAN 802.11b and 802.11g specifications.

GCT's patented zero-IF radio architecture combined with CMOS process technology create a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on performance. Satisfying market requirements for a dynamic, total-system design, the GRF5103 provides a flexible interface with the baseband processor and can be easily configured based on customer and application need.

The GRF5103 features an on-chip frequency synthesizer that incorporates a highly-stable, low-noise, RF oscillator and loop filter. Excellent phase noise is achieved due to a proprietary synthesizer architecture and innovative circuit design. No external components are required for the PLL-based frequency synthesizer, and a complete 802.11b/g transceiver can be implemented with the addition of only a single external power amplifier (PA).


Fabricated using cost-efficient CMOS technology
Direct conversion transceiver eliminates IF stages and
  IF SAW filters
On-chip frequency synthesizer including VCO and loop filter
  featuring short lock time and low phase noise
Small form factor
  - 40-pin QFN package: 6x6mm2
  • IEEE 802.11b 11-Mbps solution
  • IEEE 802.11g 54-Mbps solution
  • High-speed, 2.4-GHz, proprietary wireless transceivers
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